The Ambassadors have four elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasure) and five appointed directors.



The Ambassadors rehearse each Friday afternoon at Bentsen Grove Resort in Mission, TX. We’re easy to find.  Come join us for a practice session or two and see if you want to join.  There’s no obligation.

 We are non-profit, and the donations we receive from our performances (after expenses) go to charity.  This year our special emphasis is a $1,500 scholarship to the Vocal Music Department at University of Texas - Pan Am. Because we’re singers, this is a cause close to our hearts.  


Paul Hunter - Transportation and PR.

Back row left to right;  Cam Morrison - VP,  John Fisher - Secretary,  John Roskam - Communications,  Rich Rosel - Librarian.  Front row left to right;  Daniel Isham - Treasurer, 

Bob Seymour - President,  Ron Petersen - Riser Coordinator, Don Badgley - Scheduler.